Thursday, December 17, 2009

messy clubbing night


yea..going ladies night ^^

in barroom, the bartender tel me,he've told whole floor that im his girl,no1 can approach me,ish.. %&*%$^$

this night i drank realli little,no mood,keep drinking plain water,lol..

before we go back,the bartender pull me to behide n confess 2 me face n face,whoever wanted to to washroom,passed by,look at us with a strange eye sight..he even wanted to cut his hand by the beer bottle beside us to prove his love to me,wah!!! so unbelievable that a person who see me less than 5 times wil fell so crazily on me..!!!

he request me to follow him to UK with my family..he wanted me 2 be his queen and keep swear that im the onli 1 ever gave him such a strong feeling...

after so hard to escaped myself..i got another bad news from my sister when i got in car...her bf has move out from our hse and broke up with her..

y?? funny...cause of our busybody uncle and my 'EX-DADDY' do not like my sis stay 2gether with her bf..and this offended his ego as he stayed and helped and love my sis more than 2 years bt 'our family' stil treat him as outsider..its realli funny..for me,onli closest family like my mum,sibling who realli appreciated each other when family storm happenned las time,have the right on decide who can be or canot stay in OUR house..wat a stupid action he made...

not that i wanted to be this rude,but js feel that this realli a pointless 'problem'...made the 1 he love so upset,cried like world has come to the end,bt satisfice some 3rd party's vexatious...ish..

i knw vy well,they knw each other...no1 can tore a part a couple unless they do it themself...i feel so helpless to her...luckily,later on her bf called in and comfort her it js a temporary cool down period,as he oso nt willing to leave my sis..huu...his 1 word so much efficient than my 100 words..

when i reach home oredi 3.30am,i sms n told my dear everythng...he suppose to slp tightly at this late hours,but he still called me and talk to me..i ask him to slp 1st,anythng oso can chat the nex day,i dun1 him to bring a tired body to work..but he wanted to hear my voice and rejected my request.. listen to dear dear's tired n sleepy voice,i really s0000 touch...

dear dear,the one switch on his phone n ear for me eventhough in the middle of his sleeping time..the 1 i worth my love as if nobody ever made me suffer..

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