Thursday, December 17, 2009

messy clubbing night


yea..going ladies night ^^

in barroom, the bartender tel me,he've told whole floor that im his girl,no1 can approach me,ish.. %&*%$^$

this night i drank realli little,no mood,keep drinking plain water,lol..

before we go back,the bartender pull me to behide n confess 2 me face n face,whoever wanted to to washroom,passed by,look at us with a strange eye sight..he even wanted to cut his hand by the beer bottle beside us to prove his love to me,wah!!! so unbelievable that a person who see me less than 5 times wil fell so crazily on me..!!!

he request me to follow him to UK with my family..he wanted me 2 be his queen and keep swear that im the onli 1 ever gave him such a strong feeling...

after so hard to escaped myself..i got another bad news from my sister when i got in car...her bf has move out from our hse and broke up with her..

y?? funny...cause of our busybody uncle and my 'EX-DADDY' do not like my sis stay 2gether with her bf..and this offended his ego as he stayed and helped and love my sis more than 2 years bt 'our family' stil treat him as outsider..its realli funny..for me,onli closest family like my mum,sibling who realli appreciated each other when family storm happenned las time,have the right on decide who can be or canot stay in OUR house..wat a stupid action he made...

not that i wanted to be this rude,but js feel that this realli a pointless 'problem'...made the 1 he love so upset,cried like world has come to the end,bt satisfice some 3rd party's vexatious...ish..

i knw vy well,they knw each other...no1 can tore a part a couple unless they do it themself...i feel so helpless to her...luckily,later on her bf called in and comfort her it js a temporary cool down period,as he oso nt willing to leave my sis..huu...his 1 word so much efficient than my 100 words..

when i reach home oredi 3.30am,i sms n told my dear everythng...he suppose to slp tightly at this late hours,but he still called me and talk to me..i ask him to slp 1st,anythng oso can chat the nex day,i dun1 him to bring a tired body to work..but he wanted to hear my voice and rejected my request.. listen to dear dear's tired n sleepy voice,i really s0000 touch...

dear dear,the one switch on his phone n ear for me eventhough in the middle of his sleeping time..the 1 i worth my love as if nobody ever made me suffer..

Monday, December 14, 2009

back kampar

monday morning,

dear dear go to work early morning...

i wanted to slp til 3pm bt..suddently feel so scared cause 2moro exam d,bt i didnt touch anythng til this hr,wah....

til evening,finally i gt to back kampar d..when to eat jap cuisine with judy joanne..

dear dear sms me so many times...he realli miss babe crazily.. the sense of being needed and missed again touch me deeply..undoubtly,i got caught,i've found the one realli care of enjoying in his love,indeed...

Sunday, December 13, 2009

delay 1 day back kampar

this is sunday,

we slp til the sun hanging in the middle of sky... his mum's cook,fried bihun so nice wei !!!

after pack up my luggage,we went 2 eat famous laksa in farlim for tea,then go n buy my back kampar bus,the earliest ticket can get is the nex day evening,luckily my exam is on tue,huu...

and, so lucky,dear dear's family gt 1 seat extra in his neighbour wedding dinner later,dear dear can bring me go le ^^

after get ready at home,dear come n pick me up...

dear dear said,he realli happy babe can accompany him for this dinner >.<

back home,dear dear's facebook so many comment as he uploaded our pics up in morning,immediately a lot bullet shoot him in comment cause we realli never talk las time eventhough same class 2 years,no one ever relate both of us,haha..

after whole day tiredness,dear dear suppose to fall slp vy fast,bt my lovely dear dear wanted to appreaciate my limited time in penang,so we chat a lot,i realli happy when dear dear said im the most perfect gf for him and he never have such a strong feeling to a girl before..

this night,dear dear sing song to amuse me to sleep eventhough he is having terrible sore throat,no1 can imagine how much he sayang me..this is a sweet sweet night ^^

Saturday, December 12, 2009

the night of 'princess and the frog'


because of my hunger,dear dear bring me to breakfast eventhough he is going to late for work 2 hrs..he is a guy who vy passion to his work,i bet no1 can believe he will do this to me...

my mummy white hair realli grow so resposibility of beautfy her ofcz bear by me la...waited mummy off work back home,i dye hair for her..seeing my achivement on her hair,dark red purple,nt bad, clumpsy me,my hand n her hand also kena the colouring,couldn't wash off :(

dear dear reach me while mummy washing hair...he so kind,after his work,purposely go bought a lot coconut jelly for me n my family...the natural sweetness reali yummy yummy ^^

after that we go eat dinner at his neighbour's prewedding dinner opposite his house,then go eat baskin robbin before movie start..while in the cinema,the no-climax movie,make my dear dear fell asleep a few times,pity him,mus b very tired d..look his cute fell slp(tuk ku) face better than watch at movie screen.. >.<

when we walk out from theather after movie,surpriseinglydear dear sharp eye sight saw jit choon standing in front washroom like waiting naughty dear dear pull me hide aside wanted to catch who is choon waiting,haha..luckily a while later i peep again lo,cause choon was

then onli dear dear cal n kacau choon then we 2 pairs couple go to the nearby mamak for supper..ofcz,noneed to mention,my dear dear nt onli knw my choice of drink,he even knw the 2nd choice cause the 1st choice was sold out.. ^^

Friday, December 11, 2009

4 meals a night

this is fri,

after attended great grandma funeral from bukit mertajam to burial in penang island,went to shopping n take lunch with my dear sis..

after a comfortable bath when reach home,pig like me ofcz take nap 1st la...till he finish work,bring me back to his hse for dinner...1st time see his family,shy shy :p his mum's cook skill realli can fight big chef,realli long time didnt taste home cook d ^^ this is our 1st meal in the night..

after that,we go out to meet fren and eat ikan bakar,his dudes n also my frens in form6... every1 so shocked n surprise when c us holding hand n walk over... their expression was so funny,hahaha... anyway,this is 2nd meal hehe...

then we go for 3rd meal,hehe... both heaty heaty bodies need herbal tea and kuai leng kou..

in the mid9,we went for 4th meal,bah kut teh..yea..dear dear realli thought is feeding piggy,feed me almost every 3 hrs,haha..

4 meals a night,wat a brilliant achievement,lol..

Thursday, December 10, 2009

back penang for great grandma funeral

received my great grandma passed away news,decided 2 bec penang on thurs night as fri is the funeral..

once i got down the bus at bus terminal in butterworth,the 1st 1 i c is my deardear warm smile n walking 2 me,feel so great ^^

then we go back to his work plc and settle some work before we go for dinner..then we go n wash out my 2R pics to keep in each of our wallet, that he could c me anytime anywhere..

my dear realli sayang me,knw my favourite included meal,shows hw much he care for me ^^ so he bring me to a korean restaurant for dinner.. he is the onli person i wonldn't shy to coquetry to even at public area..hehe..

after that we go funeral,naturally he met all my relatives..again,the onli bf i ever brought to my family n relatives..

after sent my sister back home,we go hunt for supper...too bad,a lot stalls were closed by the time we reach..we went so many places,haih..i realli bad luck on food.. at last,we go the coffee shop opposite PCGHS,without any words from me,the food n drink he ordered so suit me le,dear dear n me eat fried oyster without oyster,we eat egg fried onli,hehe..

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

fell deeper

monday morning,finally he back to penang to work... few mins after he left,oredi he miss me so much..we keep texting til i fall aslp again..

the following few days,we realli had a lot sweet phone call and sms..nomatter wat he doing,working.. oso his mind full of me..

realli touch to knw being needed n missed so much...i fell more n more deeper..